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Code Compliant Dryer Vent Installation 

We make sure all of our dryer vent installations are Code Compliant. Always. The code for all dryer vents is at least a 28 gauge galvanized steel pipe, and it must be 35 feet or shorter. Each 90 degree elbow adds 5 foot of length to the dryer vent, and every 45 degree elbow adds 2 and a half foot of length to the dryer vent. We will not install any type of flex hose or semi-rigid pipe.


Consider replacing your dryer vent if you currently have one of the following pipes:

  • PVC pipe
  • Vinyl flex hose
  • Aluminum flex hose
  • Semi-Rigid hose 

If your dryer vent system is in need of new parts, or rerouting the flow for a successful dryer vent installation, we won’t install any type of flex hose or semi-rigid pipe. Although they are used for their flexibility, and their corrugations fold to fit in cramped spaces, semi-rigid pipes become lint traps. All of our dryer vent installations are built to last longer for the dryer system, without cutting corners. Dave’s Dryer Vent Cleaning has all the necessary parts for your dryer vent to be working at full capacity.

Code compliant dryer vent installation

Dave's Dryer Vent Cleaning Van

Vent Rerouting

In some cases, vent rerouting may be necessary in order to correct problematic vent configurations when a system has been installed in a hurry, or by someone without the necessary expertise. Having your dryer vent system installed by a skilled and experienced professional is the best way to avoid added fire hazards and future complications. A metal dryer wall vent can be installed in order to reroute your dryer vent system. These covers can be placed on either bathroom exhaust vents or dryer vents.

Clogged Dryer Vent?

There would be no way of seeing why your dryer isn’t working as it should without a proper way of guarding your vent system. Prevent a clogged dryer vent by installing a defender guard. Blocked dryer vents can also cause problems. Wild animals such as birds, squirrels, rats, snakes, bats, and other animals can nest in your dryer vent and cause blockage. 

Screens on a dryer vent system will cause more problems than good. Dryer vent screens are against building codes because they are susceptible to clogging with lint, causing damage to your dryer, and could even cause it to catch on fire. If you want the protection that a screen gives, install a defender guard. Rather than a screen, the defender has bars that would allow lint to pass through it.

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Vent Covers

Most houses built today have plastic vent covers installed. Over time these vent covers will deteriorate from the elements. They will become dry rotted, cracked, and eventually fall apart.

I carry several types of plastic vent and metal vent covers. These covers can be placed on either bathroom exhaust vents and dryer vents.

Here’s an example of a dryer vent installation that can greatly improve the flow of air:

flex hose pipe
Before: Flex Pipe – Collects water, dry rots, tears easily, can’t be cleaned
galvanized pipe
After: Galvanized Pipe – Up-to-code, easy to maintain, strong

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